May Favorites feat. Happy Sassy B.

A staple of YouTubers across the spectrum is the monthly favorites vlog in which one discusses their favorite things of the month. Or at least, that’s how I understand it in the most basic sense. Honestly I’ve never watched a Monthly Favorites video, so I decided to go about it my own way; breaking it down into multiple categories that relate to things I enjoy and/or care about.
Category Is… May Favorites…

The Sounds of Creativity

I don’t know when exactly it started. The moment music no longer helped my creative endeavors and only served to slow me down, I think it was a gradual change that happened so slowly and without warning that by the time it took over it was already too late. Or maybe it was a sneak attack that I never even thought to try and look out for. One way or another, and seemingly inevitably I reached a point where the creative writing playlists I’d created on Spotify (and later Apple Music) were used less and less frequently, as the only sounds of creativity I could stand any longer were that of a light fan, some rain, and the tapping of my acrylic nails on my computer keys.

It’s been said that the background noises of a coffee shop can be very beneficial to creativity, and getting work done, and there’s a few websites that have been created for just the purpose of making you feel like you’re in a cafe. But somewhere that low hum of chatter, coffee creation, and light music never quite did it for me. I have never been able to successfully write anything in a coffeeshop, particularly any place really public, though I’ve tried on multiple occasions over the course of my life. I feel like the older I get the more I wrap myself up in this shell and just want to avoid the outside world while I’m creating. I can barely get any work done if my boyfriend/friends are under the same roof or in the same room. We talk, we watch tv, we do pretty much everything but work. If it weren’t for the fact that a podcast requires us to have a conversation I’m not sure I would ever be able to get that completed with anyone else around.

The Music That Moves Me

There’s something about music that has the power to inspire in a way that almostmon_Mon no other creative endeavor does. As a writer, music can be used both to inspire creatively or as a backdrop for a certain mood that you’re trying to create within your story. So for this week’s #MiscellaneousMonday, in what I hope will become something of a recurring segment, I thought I would discuss the music that’s moving me this week.



Song: Sorry

Artist: Beyonce

Album: Lemonade

Favorite Lyric: He only want me when I’m not there…


Song: No

Artist: Meghan Trainor

Album: Thank You

Favorite Lyric: My name is no, my sign is no, my number is no, you need to let it go.


Song: Causing a Commotion

Artist: Madonna

Album: Who’s That Girl

Favorite Lyric: You met your match when you met me, I know that you will disagree, it’s crazy, but opposites attract you’ll see.


Song: U Wear It Well 

Artist: RuPaul

Album: Butch Queen

Favorite Lyric: Don’t let nobody tell you you ain’t beautiful, go on and dream big, when you feel good it’s possible. So now you know the secret, lift up your voice and yell, ‘you wear it well’.


Song: Cell U Lar Device

Artist: Erykah Badu

Album: But You Caint Use My Phone (Mixtape)

Favorite Lyric: You used to call me, on my cell u lar device


Song: Make Me Like You

Artist: Gwen Stefani

Album: This is What the Truth Feels Like

Favorite Lyric: Why you have to go and make me like you? This is a feeling I’m not used to.


Song: I’d Rather Be Your Lover 

Artist: Madonna

Album: Bedtime Stories

Favorite Lyric: I don’t know where I stand with you, I never ever make any plans with you, I don’t know what I mean to you, the only thing I know is I dream of you.


Song: On My Mind

Artist: Ellie Goulding

Album: Delirium

Favorite Lyric: But my heart don’t understand why I got you on my mind.


Song: Mesmerized (Freemasons Radio Edit)

Artist: Faith Evans

Album: The First Lady

Favorite Lyric: I can’t even sleep. Boy you got me weak. My heart is on fire since you put that thing on me.


Song: Dark Horse 

Artist: Katy Perry (feat. Juicy J)

Album: PRISM

Favorite Lyric: So you wanna play with magic, boy you should know what you’re falling for, baby do you dare to do this, cause I’m coming at you like a dark horse…