Over the weekend I noticed this message pop-up on my YouTube channel:

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 1.34.07 PM

I had heard originally that YouTube was making this plan but figured that I would be/had been grandfathered in, which is why I was both getting ads on my videos and making money from ads on my videos for the past five months. It isn’t so much the money that frustrates me about this situation as much as it is that because of an error on Google’s part, I’m suddenly not going to be making anything on videos until I hit some random arbitrary lifetime view count (which spoiler I’m 7,449 views away from) before I’m allowed to even potentially earn money for the videos I make. It’s worth noting that YouTube won’t even send a check for anything less than $100 anyway, so I now have to make considerably more content (without hope of payment for the foreseeable future) before I can even attempt to start to get money back.

I know that YouTube and Google don’t owe me anything, they don’t have to pay people at all, but it’s odd to me that as the company has gotten larger and more popular rather than doing more for its creators it’s somehow managed to screw them over more instead. I love doing YouTube, and I would do it money or not, but I have to wonder, why should I no longer make money because I haven’t hit enough viewers to ‘earn it?’


Finding Community Through Tumblr – late essay


    In the mid-2000’s, I first discovered Tumblr as an alternative to the less than stellar blogging experience I’d found through the likes of Blogger, and with slightly more design freedom than things like WordPress.  I had no idea at the time, what the real purpose of Tumblr was, only that almost immediately I found myself enamored by the different worlds I found there. It was around this time I also found fan fiction, fan art, and more importantly the concept of Fandom. Like most who find themselves at the overwhelming precipice of all things fan related, I devoured all things fan related, and within two years, or so on the site, I found myself legitimately sick of Harry Potter. To the point at which, I did not see Deathly Hallows part I (and have not to this day).

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