What happened to your book? | Show notes

This past weekend, I had an interesting conversation on my way home from Kat’s going away party– I was in the car with her aunt and grandma, and her aunt asked me what had ever happened to my book? (I had self-published in 2011/2012) and though I had published 2 she had only read the first and as she said: she was hooked.

I awkwardly explained that I had become self-conscious about it, and had taken it down in an effort to edit it and make it something more to my liking. But a thought struck me recently– when it comes to books, how important is it that I like the book I’m creating really?

Even though it’s still in progress I feel like I do actually like it now more than ever, but does it really matter? I mean you think about something like even this channel– I don’t watch my videos further than editing them. I cringe watching it when my boyfriend puts it on– even if I like the video, my perception of it after filming is usually like whatever– and then I edit it and manage to put it up and that’s that. I don’t watch them… But they aren’t really for me. They are created for me to express myself, but not for me to consume, so if others enjoy something I create, and I don’t, who’s opinion matters?

The Birthday Tag Show Notes

So I was looking for a good tag for bday questions and decided to make my own so I decided on 26 questions (cause spoiler alert that is how old I am going to be this year: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!
  1. How old are you going to be?
  2. What is your favorite birthday memory?
  3. What time were you born?
  4. What was your favorite gift?
  5. Gift you always wanted but never got
  6. Secret birthday wish as a kid
  7. Famous person who shares your birthday
  8. Do you like cake or no?
  9. Do you like surprise parties?
  10. What is a gift you want now but would never ask for/get for yourself (dream gift)
  11. What party theme would you love to have?
  12. What did you want to be when you grew up?
  13. What internet speed did you have growing up?
  14. What was your favorite kids’ show?
  15. Did you get a permit to drive at 16?
  16. Did you/will you have a sweet 16?
  17. What was your Sr year like?
  18. Did you do 18+ things when you finally hit 18?
  19. Did you wait until the legal drinking age to try alcohol?
  20. How old were you when you had your first kiss/boyfriend?
  21. First bar/club (did you like it?)
  22. Have you reached the age of your birth day? (For instance, my bday is 9/22)
  23. Do you still get cards/gifts from family/friends?
  24. How old were you when you lost your virginity?
  25. Do you actually enjoy birthdays or ignore them?
  26. How old were your parents when they had you?

*Warning this video contains strong language, viewer discretion is advised. *

So we filmed this as a multi going away for Kat and double birthday for me and Adrianne and let’s just say that it was only through the magic of editing that I was able to find a semi-coherent video here. Why did I only half ass do my face? The world may never know. The questions were made up by me, and hilariously at the time I wrote them they sounded good but in editing, they all sound generic and boring. Sorry bout it.