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For the better part of the last decade I have been a blogger, from blogging daily, to blogging a few times a week randomly, I’ve always enjoyed the process of writing in a way that was different from the sort of writing I did as a novelist. But for the most part, my blogs have existed in much the same spectrum, and by the tail end of April, I found myself running out of steam for this type of daily blogging.

I opted to place the blog on an indefinite hold, though I didn’t know for how long that would actually last. I’ve always loved blogging, and though it’s not always been successful it was important to me that I not stop entirely. I decided during the tail end of May that if I was going to continue blogging it was going to have to go back to the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday sort of posts, and that they would likely be apart of my overarching vlogs during said days.

Welcome to the Agenda blog 3.0.

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The trans goddess. #transgoddess

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From the age of about 12, I always knew I wanted to be a author, though, I wasn’t always sure what that meant or in what ways. Ever since, I’ve been writing in varied forms, from novels, to blogs, to scripts, and more recently in essays. But novel writing has always been my one great love in the world of writing. Now in my mid-20’s, writing is just one of the many facets of me. I’m an Instagram lover, technology obsessed, history and politics fascinated, lover of all things drag and queer culture, and Wiccan still trying to find her way back to the path. Through vlogs I’ve found an entirely new love in filming and editing, as well as recording vlogs and expressing my thoughts and ideas in a different medium.

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