Iconic Bitch Moves with Feud

Feud is the show that keeps on giving, and honestly I’m eager to take it all. I’ve also been eager to enjoy the read along fact checking of the show that (everyone from EW to Vanity Fair has been running). Depending on the episode there’s a lot of facts to it, some more surprising than others. I think I’d watch even if it wasn’t as factually accurate. There’s something interesting about the idea of the show, particularly on the subject of such iconic women as Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, and as we’ve come to expect of the series thus far, episode five did not disappoint.

In a particularly iconic moment, Joan hedges her bets with Bette’s competition for the Oscar and though she is not up for the award herself, accepts the award on behalf of Anne Bancroft in the pivotal scene in the show.

It’s a moment that is equal parts heartbreaking for Bette, and an iconic bitch move for Joan that almost makes you love her in an odd way. It’s hard to know which of the actresses to root for, and I often end up rooting for both in equal measure. They are both divas in their own right and Hollywood legends, which is a large reason for the fascination with their feud, and yet, this moment makes it clear that the two were evenly matched in ruthless tactics even when it seemed as though one might be getting the upper hand.

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