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I never wanted my podcast to turn into any sort of political ranting soapbox. But over the course of the last twelve episodes, that’s a lot of what it’s become, and on the one hand that’s something of a frustration for me. I love(d) politics once upon a time, but as of late, there’s very little to love, and it’s increasingly a subject I’d just as soon not talk about. There’s little to no discussion where politics is concerned anymore, it’s shouting matches, and hurt feelings, and after the Clapback part 2, I’d like to make season 2 of my podcast less severe. It’s a complicated dichotomy of being a trans person for whom much of my life is political against my will; is where I go to the bathroom really that important of a political issue?

The answer is it’s not. It’s a distraction. And it’s something a lot of people have discussed so much better than I ever could hope to. The truth is, frankly I’m kind of sick of it.

I’d like to say that this will be the last political type post I post, and that my podcast/vlog will not go there going forward, but I don’t know that I necessarily believe that. There are good points to politics I suppose, but they are few and far between. So how do I reconcile the two conflicting sides of myself, the side that loved what politics should be, and the side that is so sick of everything, that it almost isn’t worth discussing anymore? The part of me that wants to resist the ridiculousness we’re facing and the part that wonders is resistance really futile?

I don’t think there are any easy answers, especially not where anything political is concerned, but for me, and for as much as I can, I’m going to try to tone down some of my political discussion; by which I mean how much I speak about it, not my actual tone because respectability politics is nonsense. But that’s a discussion for another day, and another blog.

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