She Done Already Done Brought it On – Drag Race Season 9 ep. 2 Review

popcultureNote: If you haven’t seen episode 2 season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, do not read on. Spoilers ahead.

When I first heard the rumors that Cynthia was expected to return on Drag Race, I wasn’t sure I believed it, then at the end of episode 1, when Ru announced another queen was returning, I realized it was most definitely true, and I wasn’t mad about it. I didn’t dislike Cynthia on her season but I did wonder if perhaps it wouldn’t have been better to bring her back for the inevitable All Stars 3 instead?

This week’s episode, was all about cheer! And boy was it fun. There’s sonething about watching these queen’s doing some incredible stunts, probably more advanced than any other season, it was incredible, and a lot of fun, though I definitely thought between her runway and her overall presentation Shea should have won the episode. I’m really living for her looks and I think she could go pretty far.

The runway this week was white party, which brought out some gorgeous and interesting outfits to say the least, my favorite look of the evening had to be Charlie’s winter goddess look, it was absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to see the next look she pulls out on Friday.


I can’t say I was surprised by the bottom two. I was predicting Jaymes would go home for most of the previous week, because well, exactly the reasons given. She wasn’t showing much energy. I’d like to see her outside of the competition, I think she might be interesting and/or funny, but unfortunately for her we didn’t get to see that on this season. Truthfully I feel like the lip sync this week was lackluster on both parties part, but I think what saved Kimora was using more of the stage. Love Shack seems definitely like a more difficult song to do, but I could have done with some more energy from bother performers.

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