On Design Changes

designPerhaps it’s the perfectionist in me, or perhaps it’s that I tend to get bored fairly quickly, but I really enjoy changes in my creative endeavors. I enjoy growing as a designer in particular, but also as a writer, and I greatly enjoy challenging myself to do new things. So even though it’s only been five months, I feel it’s already time to make some design changes to the overall look of the site, as I change how blogs work going forward, and start a new adventure in vlogging.

For why?! Again?

Originally I’d hoped that with the advent of the new Wix site I wouldn’t be as tempted to update things every six months to a year as I used to, but it’s my belief that the web ought to be dynamic. Always growing and improving and if you see a way in which you can do things better, then there’s no reason you can’t improve upon what’s already there. I get this makes for some design whiplash for many, and a lack of familiarity, and I can understand where that might be upsetting, but for those who get bored easily as I do, you’ll understand why I would enjoy updating often. The changes are rarely radical, even this change isn’t so much radical as uniforming, simplifying. It’s less a radical change and more an evolutionary one. And likely one that will go unnoticed without much fanfare (as they should—and save for this blog post). Another reason I enjoy such changes is that they give me an excuse to actually discuss graphic design on this blog, something I’d like to do more in future. Design is something that I greatly enjoy doing. It’s a creative outlet that is separate enough from writing that if and when I ever feel tired from writing, and in need of a little break, it’s there to keep me creative and give me a small escape.

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