That Drag Race Though!

I really shouldn’t be surprised that Mama Ru has topped herself yet again, after all, the amazing spectacular that was All Stars 2, I really should come to just expect it from Ru, and in a way I do, still nothing can quite prepare you for the stunning beauty that is RuPaul’s Drag Race until you actually see it. Episode 1 of season 9, aptly titled Oh my Gaga was a Drag Race first in which Lady Gaga herself was the guest judge and the theme of the runway (or part of it). Unlike the night of 1000 Madonna’s that preceded this runway in the past season, the Gaga looks were varied, in fact not one was from a same look.

Before the season premiered I had a few standout favorites when it came to the season, Sasha Velour, Charlie Hides, Shea Coulee, Peppermint, and Farrah Moan were high on my list, when the challenge came around, Shea, and Sasha dominated, their looks, while Peppermint’s was considered basic, and Charlie flubbed a tearaway. (This doesn’t make me like them any less, I loved Peppermint’s look myself and Charlie’s tearaway was well worth it). Farrah missed an opportunity for a tearaway at all, and in the end Nina Bo’nina Brown whom I was somewhat curious about but didn’t admittedly have an opinion about, took my breath away with her looks.

While there was not an elimination this first episode, I have a sneaking suspicion of who I think might go, just based on things like her energy and taste level, Jaymes Mansfield seems like she could easily be, if not the first, one of the early ones to leave. I would be curious to see the other queen’s read her just because of her similarities to queens like Ben De La Creme and Varla Jean Merman (which I believe was a joke leveled at Robbie Turner in season 8).

I’m anxious to watch the queens continued rise, and I hope to see Nina go far, she greatly impressed me in the premier and if she can continue to pull out incredible looks, she strikes me as becoming a major fan favorite the likes of Trixie Mattel and Katya.

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