A Change of Pace

days3If you know nothing else about me, you likely know that I’m kind of a big fan of change. So much so that I recently (for no other reason than a change) changed my phone from the iPhone 7+ to the One Plus 3T. It’s actually very much my favorite change to date, and I realize that to make such changes is a huge matter of being fortunate enough to do so (because goddess knows technology is rarely if ever cheap). But occasionally these changes are not necessarily ones that require a great deal of money (if any). They can be as simple as changing what genre I’m writing in (which happens frequently), or changing a small thing or other about my podcast graphic (which I’ve done twice now). Occasionally, it’s a change in my brand and how I showcase myself on the internet. For years now, almost yearly in fact, I’ve made some kind of branding update to my blog. It’s become so common, I’m sure that most of my readers probably just think of it as this normal thing that I do, because I get bored with the same thing, and the great thing about being a graphic designer (and partly my downfall) is that I have the technology and the means to make these changes on my own, without any extra financial cost to myself.

I’ve come to realize that I’m actually not alone in this, my friend Adrianne who’s also a designer, has expressed that she’s rebranded herself several times, and that actually makes me feel better about the situation. Even moving my website from WordPress to Wix, and then moving my blog back to WordPress while keeping the general site with Wix, was a major design change. But one that felt necessary all the same.

I want to make it a point not to redesign myself all the time going forward, but I have been working on some changes to the way in which my site currently operates. It isn’t a major design overhaul, but it is a formatting overhaul that I think is ultimately going to suit me more going forward because it’s going to create a more structured framework for which all future page additions will be designed. It won’t go into effect until I’ve got all current pages accounted for and prepped in the new format, so this is more of an informal announcement. Something new is coming. Relatively soon-ish.

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