Doubt a review-ish

1adfc2_f9669561be1c4e6eb50db02e1197149e-mv2_d_1250_1250_s_2This Spring/Summer has made for interesting television, between Feud, easily one of my new favorites, Riverdale, the return of RuPaul’s Drag Race (and it’s surprise move to VH1), there’s no shortage of television that I’m eager to tune  into week after week. But there’s one show in particular that’s really caught my attention and it came rather unexpectedly. Doubt.

I remember hearing vaguely about Doubt a few months ago, and though I didn’t know much about what it was about, I knew that it was a legal drama and that Laverne Cox was going to be a regular character (which frankly is the reason I watched the first episode). I wasn’t particularly thrilled about the concept of ‘another legal drama’, but for Laverne I was willing to give the show a fair shake. Unexpectedly, what I came to realize was that the show proved in two episodes to be more incredible than I had expected, and I’ve actually come to really enjoy what I’ve seen so far. Blessedly Laverne’s character: Cameron Wirth is out as trans, but it doesn’t seem to really be a thing, which is almost kind of rare on television and in films. Rare enough to be noteworthy. It was one of the better notes of Alexandra Billing’s guest appearance on How to Get Away with Murder in which the matter of her being trans was never central to the story line just kind of a small side note of her character.

Laverne also get’s to play a more comedic role (thus far) compared to the gripping drama of Sophia Burset on Orange is the New Black, which is an exciting change to get to see. Technically, Cameron is by no means the main character, (though it’s worth noting Laverne Cox gets second billing under Katherine Heigl in the IMDB page for Doubt) she’s easily one of the more interesting characters, and one who I can’t wait to see more of.

Doubt airs Wednesdays 10pm on CBS


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