Famine- a short

Hunger. It was this, deep within Katherine’s soul that kept her awake at night. A hunger so profound that it ceased to register as pain any longer, and instead registered as a deep insatiable urge. A passionate hunger that it seemed nothing could fill. Such was her unceasing craving for sustenance she had almost considered the otherwise unthinkable. Slaking her thirst for carnality with the help of her newest neighbor, a well muscled jock type, with shaggy blond hair and blue eyes and a penchant for washing his car shirtless. How long had Katherine stared hungrily at the body of a neighbor she had never gotten the name of, licking her lips and imagining the salty taste of his sweat as it glistened off his abs. How often had she stood in the icy waters of her shower, trying to quell the aching hunger for affection that she so desperately craved. How many nights had she lay awake, tears streaming down her face as she held tight to the pillow that had once been her husbands? How she had missed his sweet embrace. His fingers as they grabbed her hair, pulling her in for a deep, knee-buckling kiss. The soft sensation of his warm lips as they glided down her neck, and his hand snaked down her chest. She had been different then and a small part of her missed her other self. She arched into the embrace of her memory, as her senses filled with the only nourishment she craved.


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