Seasonal Creation Revisited

days2Since I’ve already spent much of the winter deep in edits, I’ve decided that I might as well at least spend the rest of 2017 giving this whole seasonal creation thing a fair shake. I realized sometime last week that when I’m not at my day job 8 hours a day 5 days a week, I’m working on any one of the following (or sometimes a combination of these):

-recording/editing a podcast

-writing/editing blog posts

-writing/editing an essay

-working on a short

-editing/rewriting my work-in-progress

-posting any of these things to social media and my website

-working on a new design projects

-thinking about new podcast/essay ideas

-brainstorming various things

-attempting on occasion to write something new

-somewhere in there, read.

I love everything that I’m doing, I love podcasting with friends, and I love blogging, writing essays, and even working on new design stuff, but unfortunately what this all leads to is that things like reading fall by the wayside. I’m several magazines behind, I’m at least a dozen Book of the Month books behind, and honestly, I’m just generally behind on reading, listening to podcasts and doing anything that isn’t writing or further working on my brand.

I need to take a writing sabbatical, so that I can recharge my creative juices before I burnout (because I’ve been there and it’s so hard to come back from).

So what does all of this mean?

A few things. I still intend to blog at regular intervals. Starting around April-ish, I’m going to be taking a sort of Spring break if you will. For those of you who jumped ship from my previous blog onto this one, you likely have seen how this works before, but since I think a lot of my followers are newer I thought I’d explain how I have done this in the past.

I’ve usually given myself about a month or so off in the past, in which I have pre-scheduled all necessary blogposts for that given month. Now that I have essays and podcasts that come every other week as well I’ll have to either pre-schedule those essays (unlikely) or just write them on the sly and throw them up at their given times. I certainly have enough essays written that I could probably get away with having this stuff ready before this vacay but given how Wix works I don’t exactly have the option to schedule when a page goes live.

I actually really enjoy podcasting and recording with friends, even if editing is tedious, and honestly, I’m getting better at it, however I would like episode 13 to be the sort of season finale for the show. It happens to coincide with RuPaul’s Drag Con, and part of me would love to do some crazy podcast there (although would anyone talk to this no name podcaster?) so all of that is to be determined.

Ultimately the main idea is to give myself ample time to just catch up with everything not currently to do with writing (like design, and reading, and recharging my creative juices) and then jump right into starting the sequel for my current work-in-progress. If I’m honest I’m not sure I entirely believe that I’ll actually not end up writing something of this story during that time, but the idea is to try my best not to.

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