Can we Talk about Riverdale?

1adfc2_f9669561be1c4e6eb50db02e1197149e-mv2_d_1250_1250_s_2Oh. My. Rowling, you guys. Can we just talk about this show for a minute? I feel like I’m one of the only people who watches it, and honestly it’s mostly my mother’s fault that I even got hooked onto it.

For those of you who don’t know, Riverdale is a CW show loosely based around the Archie Comic’s characters. I say loosely because being that I’ve never read the comics I can’t say for certain how accurately the show sticks to the story but I’m going to guess not particularly well since I’m pretty sure Archie was mostly supposed to be like comical-ish and this is so definitely not.

I’m not even really sure where to begin in talking about this show. It’s been five episodes and I have so many feelings about it.

So first of all, I had never even heard about this show that I remember, maybe once during the 20 at the movie theater, and then I completely forgot about it, but then my mother opened the CW app which I had downloaded (for some reason) onto my Apple TV (full disclosure– I don’t remember why I downloaded it at present, maybe to try and watch old episodes of the Carrie Diaries?  So we thought at first she had just clicked on like a preview to see what it was about, only she started the actual episode and honestly just from the pilot I’m sitting here like what the actual fuck? What is going on? What the… I don’t even understand.

The next thing I knew, I had stayed up until well past midnight to catch up on the other three episodes that were available and honestly, a part of me is still like. WTF?! I don’t really know if I can put my finger on one specific thing that makes me so intrigued by this show, but whatever it is, that makes this non-stop train wreck so good, I don’t ever want it to stop.

Riverdale airs Thursdays on the CW

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