The Readers

days6Now that I’m nearing the end of phase 3 (of my three phase editing process), I’m approaching the exciting and somewhat nerve-wracking task of letting people actually read my work-in-progress and give me feedback on it. On the one hand, this is exciting because it means getting to hear from people I trust and care about on a project that I deeply care about, on the other something about people reading something I’ve written always feels surreal. Gratefully I will not be with them at the time so I won’t have to necessarily think about it until they give me their honest opinions, and I try not to be the typical writer and not take critique’s personally.

Meanwhile, I’ll be working on checking and double checking my query letter to ensure that it’s the best it can possibly be in time to send out to agents starting in April. There’s something about querying agents that I’ve always found a little bit exhilarating. For as long as I can remember sending queries is the part that actually feels like I’m working. It’s no longer just the joys of writing the actual novel or even the work of editing it, now it’s about the task of trying to get someone interested in the book I’ve written and that’s where the real work comes into play. I’d also like to give myself a little time to recharge before I jump headfirst into the sequel. Somewhere in my mind I thought April-June, but knowing myself better than that, I should imagine I will make it perhaps a few days after I officially finish typing everything up before I move onto the sequel. I feel better when I’m creating something new, and even though I ought to take some time to read more and refuel my creativity, I have little doubt that I’ll be on my computer typing something new all the same.

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