Typing it All Up!

It’s official. As of 1 Feb, 2017, phase 2 of editing is complete, leading to the final phase, getting it all typed up. You’d think this would be the easy part, and for the most part it is (if tedious), but when your body decided just after finishing edits now would be a great time to get a cold (for the second time in two months I might add) typing becomes rather difficult. I realize it’s something I should have done as I finished chapters, and originally that was my full intent, too. But if thirteen plus years of writing has taught me anything, it’s that more often than not those best laid plans never quite pan out. And so, I’m now on chapter 6 of 24 to type up. I’ve made fairly good progress and it was my intent to do about 5ish chapters a day which would have had me done by Monday, but being that (as of this writing it’s Sunday) and I’m 10 chapters behind, I seriously doubt that’s going to be possible, but maybe I’ll manage to get it together in the end. I don’t have a deadline this time (though I’d like to say maybe before March 1st?)

I’m terribly excited to have this done, (though my break that I planned to have between finishing edits and typing them up lasted all of 3 hours) and I’m excited to have a few trusted readers getting their hands on it as soon as I can finish typing up the changes and have it printed and bound (boyfriend, best friend, mother, you know challenging readers that might offer me real critiques) I’m eager to start on book 2, but I know I should take some time to read more and get myself caught up on more blog/essay stuff before I jump fully into book 2. So much to do, so little time.

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