A Work (Still) in Progress

days6Two weeks after my deadline for my current work-in-progress and things are still under construction. I’m further than I was two weeks ago, and I’m coming ever closer to the end of the road, but I’m not at the end just yet.

 On the one hand, as I said in the last essay, I’m happy because I’ve learned things and my book has grown in this edit perhaps more than it had in the last 500 edits, and for that I’m glad. I’m fairly confident this is going to be the last major round of revisions (pre professional editor of course) and I’m eager to get started on the many projects I have running around my brain. For now however I’m working to get the last bits of this all finished up before I begin the arduous process of typing up all the changes I made. I think I can safely finish the hand edits by 1 February, and depending on how long I give myself for a breather between the end of that and typing things up I should be ready to send out no later than April, which is considerably later than I’d like but I’ll live.

Wish me luck.

Anyone else working on edits? I’d love to hear about your process of editing, how many revisions you did before you felt you were done, and how you were able to say enough is enough? Cause that’s my biggest struggle.

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