What Comes Next

days3Over the weekend, a few things happened, not the least of which was the inauguration, which even though I knew it was going to happen, I still couldn’t help but feel rather depressed when it actually did. It happened to be a day I was spending with my boyfriend, but even that couldn’t seem to pull me out of my funk. I decided, that perhaps some retail therapy might make me feel better. Only I had barely made it out the front door when I realized, that I didn’t want to deal with people on this particular day. Online shopping might have made me feel a little better, but I decided what I really wanted to spend my money on wasn’t something material. So I decided instead to spend my money in a more constructive way. Or perhaps a more symbolic way by donating the money I would have spent on god only knows what, to various organizations who need our help more than ever. If the so-called ‘President’ has united Americans, it is largely in our dislike and distrust of him. If the Women’s Marches across the world taught us anything it’s that while we may seem like we are more polarized than ever both as a nation and a world, Hillary’s words are more true now than ever, “We have more in common than we have differences.” We can stand united in the rallying cry of #notmypresident.

It’s comforting to know that there are more people who support us than him, yet how one shows that support, particularly for agencies that will undoubtably find themselves under attack from this administration, is what will make all the difference.

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