Strangeland: an excerpt

The icy December air bit into Roger’s skin like an invisible hound, he awoke instantly with a shiver, his naked body covered only at the leg, by a throw blanket. Beside him lay an attractive naked blond man, laying on his stomach, breathing softly into his pillow. Roger  looked around the room, it was his alright, though he didn’t remember how he’d gotten home. Or when. He stood and stretched, a chill ran over him and goosebumps etched their way across his skin. Roger exhaled into his hands in an effort to warm them, and a cloud of smoke followed. Heater must be dead again, he thought as he pulled on the robe that had been draped neatly on the overstuffed chair beside his bed. He wrapped it tight around himself, slightly warmer thanks to the fleece lined terrycloth he now found himself ensconced in. 


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