Personal Interlude

days3As I reach the cusp of my deadline, and I struggle to finish, I find myself running behind on the things that I planned to do, like edit my podcast that should have been up Saturday. Write this blog post which should have gone up this morning, work on the blog posts for the rest of the week which I needed to have scheduled by now. Everything’s falling behind as I work on completing what is hopefully the last round of edits. It’s an exciting, if tedious process, and one that doesn’t leave room for much of anything else. I’m happy to say that I am making progress, and in spite of a sort of existential crisis yesterday; feeling my quarter life crisis, which was aided by Barnes and Noble retail therapy, alcohol, and a little time with my boyfriend I find myself slightly more off course than I would have otherwise liked.

Still perhaps these things are good for my future of writing, what would I even have to blog about this Monday evening if it weren’t for my quarter life crisis setting back my edits a few hours. I’m still technically within my deadline assuming I can finish thirteen chapters in five and a half hours. It’ll be tight, but I’ve done harder things. In the meantime, there’s work to be done.

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