Cautiously Optimistic

1adfc2_be51051e2ec544f0b195953a6f9b39d5-mv2_d_1250_1250_s_2I’m not particularly known for being an optimistic person overall. I like to consider myself something of a realist, but I realize that I lean towards the more pessimistic side of things and honestly I’ve come to accept that about myself especially over this past year. Still in spite of everything, I can’t help but want to be, if not optimistic then cautiously optimistic about this coming year. I’m not altogether sure why, I’ve certainly never felt this way that I can remember.

Ironically or perhaps paradoxically to my credit, I have come to surround myself more and more with positive people. My best friend and co-podcast host Adrianne has always been an optimist, my boyfriend is an optimist, even my mother to a large extent is an optimist, as are some of my favorite co-workers. So there’s always a lot of positivity and optimism coming at me from all sides. Which is both nice and a bit odd.

I’m not sure I can ever be an optimistic person like they are. Whatever inspirational/motivational quotes would like to believe about the matter, I don’t think everyone is genetically predispositioned to be optimistic or even happy all the time. Prior to the year before last and even some of last year admittedly I didn’t think I was capable of being genuinely happy for more than a brief period of time. What I’ve learned however is that I can be, with help from those who love and care about me. It’s an odd thing to be a pessimistic person surrounded constantly by optimism, and maybe in some way it’s started to rub off on me, which is why I can feel even cautiously optimistic for the coming year. It’s refreshing, and I want to believe that it’s also a good thing that won’t disappoint me in the end, for now however I’m learning to live in the moment, and take things one step at a time.

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