Not Today Bianca

1adfc2_f9669561be1c4e6eb50db02e1197149e-mv2_d_1250_1250_s_2I’m a major Bianca Del Rio fan, I absolutely loved her movie Hurricane Bianca and her stand up, Rolodex of Hate so naturally, I was pretty sure I had to love her Logo Special Not Today Bianca right? Sadly, not so much. The two-part special begins with Bianca inexplicably trying to kickstart her career by trying to get on Jimmy Kimmel. On the way she runs into a bevy of stars including RuPaul, Tori Spelling, Michelle Visage, Fortune Feimster, Alec Mapa, T.S. Madison, and so many countless others. In the second part it’s all about her first Christmas in Hollywood, but honestly it feels like it tries to be too many things at once. It’s not uncommon for comedy to have an element of a more serious tone at times, but something about the sort of slap-shtick style of this doesn’t feel particularly Bianca Del Rio. Here she is shy and unassuming, and there’s a lot of movie references some of which are more amusing than others. It all starts to feel a little underwhelming.

It was pointed out to me, by Mr. D that the likely cause of this is because she’s on a network, which has tried over time to become more family friendly, Bianca’s ‘Christmas Special’ fits, one supposes in the typical genre of the Christmas Special, cheeky and ridiculously outlandish, but for those who have come to love Don Rickles in a dress (or Joan Rivers as apparently she is confused in the special) the whole thing just falls flat.  I will always enjoy Bianca for what she is, hateful, so this came off as unnatural. Accepting perhaps the network aspect of it, I can only reasonably give this 3.5 glasses.


Update: While there still isn’t official news about the fate of the Exorcist season 2, two things are official as of the past week. Sex and the City 3 has a script which has been approved by all the girls, and Will and Grace has a 10 episode (mini-season) which has been picked up by NBC and is set to film in July, according to Leslie Jordan (aka Beverly Leslie). It’s an exciting update and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

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