Good Riddance 2016!

days3Ah, 2016, the year most of us would just as soon rather forget. This was a pretty bad year overall for pretty much everybody. Not for nothing, 2016 was the year we all decided to go back to 1933/1966 depending on how you look at it. We’ve taken a collective step backwards it feels, and while not all of this year was bad, there were far too many elements that I could have just as soon done without. Not the least of which involves politics and the role the media played in painting the candidates as equally bad when that just wasn’t the case. A lot of journalists better than my little blog have handled this rant far better so I won’t get into it. Frankly this was just the tip of the iceberg as far as 2016 was concerned. 

Now however we find ourselves once more on the precipice of another year, perhaps a much better year than the one we’re leaving behind. Part of it may be simply a state of mind, how you look at the year, 2015 was certainly questionable for some, frankly every year in history was bad for someone. Probably lots of people, but I’m hoping in spite of everything for a better 2017. We may not have gotten the president we needed or deserved, #notmypresident but I’m going to carry on anyway. Because there’s much work to be done, and hopefully we’ll learn from this shit show. If decent individuals want to win in 2018 we need to start now. Rallying the new angry base that knows that this is not normal, nor is it okay.

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