TV Rumor Round-up: Update


1adfc2_f9669561be1c4e6eb50db02e1197149e-mv2_d_1250_1250_s_2Several weeks ago I speculated on the possibility of three great shows all with a possible comeback in their future. Of the three of them, only one has been officially confirmed DOA. Jennifer Saunders doesn’t feel the need to continue with Absolutely Fabulous and I have to say I’m a little disappointed. Not the least of which because I do feel like now would be as interesting a time as ever for the show to pick up where it left off, but also because there’s definitely more the story could offer. Still, perhaps it’s best to leave things be before we end up with a show that’s less reminiscent of the one we loved and instead becomes something we end up hating. (Glee anyone?)
Will and Grace: Rumors have been circulating ever since the cast reunited to film their get out the vote video just before the election, since then it seems the rumors haven’t stopped yet and I think everyone is pretty hopeful the show could be on the horizon for a comeback, at least for a season.
As for Sex and the City, apparently there are a few rumors circulating, one includes a spin-off featuring Samantha Jones, which I discussed in the podcast that week, and the others include a third film rather than a return to the show.  The problem I foresee with a third film regardless of story line is just how badly people reacted to the second. The first film was great and a great way to go about things, the second was seen to many as something of a joke that didn’t need to happen, which begs the question, would making a third film be all that sensible or would we be better off with a new season instead? Or leaving the characters where they are in our hearts and minds.
Finally, I didn’t write about this at the time, but it’s worth mentioning as it is a show I love as are all the shows on the list and one which may or may not have seen it’s end. The Exorcist. After a 10 episode season, FOX hasn’t actually picked up the show for a second season according to some reports and even the cast isn’t sure that it will keep going. It would be a shame to see the series end particularly because of how much I greatly enjoyed the first season, but it doesn’t seem like all that many people know about the show, or otherwise watch it. Which is a shame. Still it’ll be interesting to see where 2017 takes us in terms of what comes back and what doesn’t.

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