Adventures in Organization

MISCA week or so ago, I purchased a brand new day planner. As someone who’s a big fan of planners, and all manner of office supplies I wanted something fresh and new. Recently I also purchased a set of multicolored gel pens in order to help me color code my new day planner, and it’s exciting because there’s a lot of things that I’m working on right now, for which I want to be as organized as possible. I’ve found, the older I get and the more I’ve been creative there’s been this sort of clash between being organized and living in creative chaos. There’s something to be said for both, but at a certain point even a creative person needs to have some kind of order, in order to know where the hell things are in their life. Creative chaos is all well and good until you have 52,000 notebooks (as I do) and you can’t remember where you wrote that little note/several pages of your current work-in-progress. It’s maddening! Especially when during a creative slump or starting something different you jump into a new notebook. (Or buy a new one as I did when I bought the pens, because you know… you can never have too many notebooks.)

I’m definitely getting better, I have a little office space that I’ve created for myself and that’s given me a good deal more organization than I otherwise would have had and for that I’m excited. Scrivener has allowed me the ability to compile tons of random documents into one file, so that some of my many ideas and thoughts over the years are no longer just sitting idly in my Documents folder on my laptop but now have a little home. Book notes have also been compiled into various Scrivener files and I’m debating creating a sort of overarching series Scrivener file to contain the minutiae of various ideas I’ve had for the series. In a way getting more organized has become sort of fun for me. I’ve managed to find a way to make it into something in my mind that I actively want to do, and that’s important, because otherwise I’m not sure I’d be able to get it done. Not with the creative chaos beckoning me towards its open fields that are actually secret dark forests of disorganization.

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