Fall Haul: Bath and Body Works

MISCFall/Autumn is my favorite season of the year. I have an unscientific, unsubstantiated theory that most people’s favorite season is the season in which they were born. I was born on the literal first day of fall, and fall has always been one of my favorite seasons of the year. Particularly the older I get, and especially living in Vegas, where at any given time even in fall it’s about the 70’s and 80’s though considerably cooler than summer in which it’s regularly 110 and higher. So naturally arriving at Bath and Body Works to find that not only were they currently doing their buy 3 get 3 free sale they were also offering their Fall fragrances it’s easy to see how things could get a touch out of hand. They also happened to be having a deal in which their 3 wick candles which are normally 22.50 were $15 so needless to say I’ll need to be going back for a few other candle scents.

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Body Lotions (Buy 3, Get 3 Free)

Endless Weekend—So after my favorite scent ‘Carried Away’ was discontinued, I’ve been searching for a new favorite to replace it with ever since. Endless Weekend was recommended a few times and for whatever reason I didn’t quite care for it at first (which actually was the case with Carried Away originally as well) but the time before this Saturday I opted to buy a little sample of the scent and I actually found myself really loving it, so I decided to buy a full sized bottle even though technically it isn’t a ‘fall fragrance’. Update: So I started writing this on Saturday after I bought everything and on Sunday while looking through a drawer I found two full sized bottles of Carried Away that I’d purchased during one of the buy 3 get 3 free sales online a while ago, I thought I was almost out so it’s nice to find two brand new bottles to add into this collection.) I also learned that this scent shares 3 aspects with Carried Away including, jasmine, vanilla, and raspberry though slightly different types of each).

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin—This is one of my favorite fall scents that I could literally wear year round given the opportunity, at first I thought this was a newer scent, but it smelled so familiar so I don’t know if it’s had other names or what, but this has quickly become a new favorite scent. (I actually bought two of these). I’ll probably want to pick up more before they’re gone as well as the candle version. I also picked up the body spray of it I like it that much. Interestingly it does share an ingredient with Carried Away in whipped vanilla, I don’t think the scent is strong enough in either that that’s the defining factor in why I enjoy them both, but it did seem interesting.

Sweet Summer Sunset—Okay so this one wasn’t me. My mother wanted to get some lotions as well and because she didn’t seem to care for any of the fall fragrances she ended up getting two bottles of the Sweet Summer Sunset (thus completing the buy 3 get 3 free deal).

Nourishing Hand Cream (3 for 12.50)

Japanese Cherry Blossom- Japanese Cherry Blossom is considered the number one fragrance from Bath and Body works and it’s easy to see why, there’s something about it that’s just classic and because it’s so popular it’s likely that it won’t be a scent Bath and Body Works retires any time soon, (which is good to know since this seems to happen to my favorite scents often).

Crisp Morning Air– One of the fall specific fragrances, apple is probably the first thing that hits me with this scent, it’s spicy and it gives off a sort of crisp day feel; you can almost taste the warm cider as the breeze whips across your skin.

Golden Autumn Day– I actually didn’t give the hand cream scents a very long smell when I was sampling them, I kind of noticed them last minute as they were positioned close to the cash register but I loved the packaging with the sweaters and I thought a hand cream would be lovely something slightly thicker and more luxurious than even what you can get with the Ultra Shea Body Creams and so when I actually put this particular scent on I was a little disappointed because it smells more like leafy and soil, than it smells in the bottle which I’m not sure how I feel about. There’s also a definitive note of citrus (which would be the mandarin) but either the leaves or blonde woods (their words not mine) just throws it off a little. It almost has a vague hot chocolate smell to it which could be nice, but the mandarin almost throws off the whole Autumn feeling for me.

Candles ($15)

I didn’t initially come into Bath and Body Works looking for candles, but the whole mix of everything fall sort of overwhelmed me and I decided that I wanted to pick up a few candles while I was there. Pairing these with the soft sounds of rain and thunder via Rainymood.com and my fan and a blanket it almost feels like a snuggly rainy afternoon in front of the fire on a cool autumn day, in the middle of August in Vegas.

Leaves- For a name that evokes the purity of nature, you would almost expect more of a leafy, Earthy and dirt infused smell, but actually leaves is like quite a few others very spicy, and inherently fall, which upon looking at the notes for it on the website is likely to be the clove spice.

Flannel- There’s something particularly cozy about this smell that I just absolutely fell in love with, and I had to buy. It also smells kind of like a man/cologne which is likely to be the soft musk. It’s quickly become a favorite candle whatever the reason. It just feels very clean and delicious.

Spiced Pomegranate Cider- I actually didn’t realize that this was the third candle I picked up until I got home, I had been sampling a few of the candles at the store and I loved them all, but something about the spiced pomegranate cider did appeal to me. I haven’t actually lit this particular candle yet, but I’m anxious to try it out.

Mini Candles (3 for $12)

I originally only picked up two, Mahogany Teakwood and I think a eucalyptus scent, really just wanting to sample them, and when I got to the register they informed me that they were running a 3 for $12 sale on the mini candles so I decided to pick up another one.  While dropping the calming eucalyptus scent for another fall flavor.

Autumn- I think this was the scent I thought I picked up instead of the Spiced Pomegranate Cider, but somewhere in my confusion I decided to pick up the mini version just in case I didn’t like it. (Spoiler alert, I absolutely love it, and I need to pick up the full sized candle soon). Autumn like a lot of the fall fragrances seems to begin with apples, it also according to BathandBodyWorks.com contains eucalyptus (so I didn’t miss it after all) and fir balsam which I love because I’m absolutely obsessed with the scent of Christmas trees. I had purchased a Silver Birch candle from Yankee Candle a few months ago and absolutely LOVED the scent, so it makes perfect sense that Autumn would be one of my new favorites in the candles I purchased. The great thing about getting largely fall scents is that you can mix and match and have several going at once and really create a deeper fall atmosphere.

Mahogany Teakwood- What is it about the scent of wood (and specifically mahogany apparently as it’s also in the Flannel candle) that really just feels like being wrapped in the strong arms of a man? There’s something inherently cologne-esque about the fragrance that I really just fell in love with. It’s a very strong scent that would overpower pretty much everything else around it, which isn’t inherently bad, but does make it one you don’t want to light at the same time as the other fall fragrances.

Crisp Morning Air– I didn’t actually realize until getting home, that I had purchased both the lotion version of this and the mini candle version of this. I will say the lotion is definitely stronger and when it’s lit (maybe it’s because I had so many stronger scents going) but it really didn’t feel like I could smell much of it as much as I could with like Autumn and Flannel. Still I do enjoy the scent, particularly in the hand lotion so I’m very happy.

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