Podcast Love

MISCI love podcasts, or at least, I love the idea of them, more often than not though I end up getting bogged down with one thing or another and I never quite manage to fully get through a podcast the way I’d like to. I came to really appreciate podcasts sometime in 2014/2015 when I had to walk home from work. My work is only about two miles away which for me could take anywhere between forty-five minutes to an hour, which was the perfect length to enjoy a podcast. Right around this time RuPaul and Michelle Visage came out with the What’s the Tee podcast which remains one of my favorites and a podcast I was able to keep up with sort of religiously while on my walks home. But because that podcast was bi-weekly I sort of had to find other podcasts to listen to in between those weeks.

Since not having to walk home I’ve sort of lagged in my podcast listening, so when I heard that one of my previously favorite apps Pocket Casts, which I had purchased back when I had my Galaxy Note 4, had a newer update with a dark mode (a feature which frankly should be system wide on every phone and app) I realized that I wanted to get back into podcast listening.

There are a plethora of apps out there with which to listen to a podcast, I’ve never really had a problem with the built in podcast app in iOS but then I guess I’m not quite the ‘power user’ that some podcast listeners are, at any rate, I’m currently trying out Overcast which I understand is another popular app, and which is free in the App Store but does offer a sort of subscription option that allows you to get extra features like the dark mode. I haven’t really used it enough to have much of an opinion on it, though I will say just from a design perspective it seems to have a gorgeous UI. It also has a vocal boost effect and an effect that can apparently trim silences in a podcast, I’m not really sure how that works or where that would be necessary, I would guess if someone paused for some reason or something, it’s an interesting feature, but I’m not really aware of what the necessity for it would be.

If you have any recommendations of podcasts I might enjoy specifically writing related or even LGBTQIA oriented I would love to hear them and maybe even take a listen and possibly become a fan.

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