Scrivener for iOS: A Review

day2I first discovered Scrivener shortly after purchasing my first MacBook in 2006. At the time I had largely been writing my novels using Apple’s iWork Program, Pages, which happened to have a script/manuscript theme. I adored it at the time, but after discovering Liquid Story Binder for Windows a few years earlier I was always looking for a similar piece of writing software that I could really fall in love with. I had sampled almost every writing software imaginable, and yet none of them quite held up to my needs and/or expectations until Scrivener. It was the first writing software that had everything I could ever possibly want and some things I never even imagined I would want, it was fabulous and even better than I remembered Liquid Story Binder being… So after testing it for as long as I could to ensure that I absolutely needed it, I purchased it.

Shortly after the release of the original iPad I remember hearing talk of the possibility of an iPad version of the software, which had always seemed like a brilliant idea. As someone who does the majority of her writing on her laptop, there was a part of me that was both excited for the possibility of Scrivener for iOS, and admittedly unsure of when exactly I would actually use it. I had, up to this point never actually written more than a few words on my iPhone or iPad, apart from text messages which certainly can get novel length at times. Frankly my iPad sees less use than I’d care to admit these days, but the prospect of being able to edit my novel on the go, be it, on the iPad/Phone without having to export or anything like that was a temptation I really couldn’t pass up. So, when on Saturday morning I saw to my great surprise it was finally available, I had to buy it. The first thing I’d like to say is, damn is this app beautiful. As much as I’ve used Scrivener for the last few years, I don’t think I ever fully anticipated what it might look like on iOS and to be honest it feels really perfect. Seeing it on this platform, just feels so perfect and natural it’s hard to believe it wasn’t always there.

Truthfully I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it, but I did manage to start writing on it on my phone on Saturday morning and I got a surprising amount typed up. It’s comfortable if slightly slower than it would be typing it on the computer. I think I wrote almost 700 words in roughly 45 minutes, which is considerable given that it was done mostly by swipe text. Even after so many years I’ve still never found a piece of writing software that I love and enjoy more, and to finally have it available on iOS is amazing. Thank you Literature and Latte.

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