Absolutely Fabulous: the Movie Review

MISCI grew up watching shows like M*A*S*H, the Golden Girls, and of course Absolutely Fabulous, I leapt to make sure I grabbed the Absolutely Everything box set, and so naturally when I heard they were making a movie I was over the moon excited.

Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I went out to see it and we were not disappointed. It felt, for me like a slightly longer episode although in a way it went by so fast that I wondered at the end how long it had actually been. The thing about the film is that in order to really appreciate it, you have to have been a fan of the show. There’s a lot of jokes that harken back to some of the earlier seasons and famous lines like “Oh you little bitch troll from hell.” The film even opens with an iconic throwback to the very first episode of the series in which after getting pissed at a fashion show Edina slams her face up against the window of her kitchen screeching for her daughter to let her in.

It requires a certain amount of background knowledge to really appreciate it I think, unlike say Sex and the City the movie which could probably stand on it’s own. (It was for me the first Sex and the City anything I watched and I think I caught up pretty well). There’s a part of me that yearns for newer episodes and if its opening weekend numbers are anything to go by with the Guardian reporting it’s the second highest UK opening weekend since Spectre, it could be possible. Jennifer Saunders said recently in an interview when asked if there was a chance for new episodes that she would see how the film went. So I suppose I’m slightly more hopeful. The problem of course being that at some point when a show doesn’t know how and/or when to call it the end, it often ends up alienating a large part of it’s fanbase. Films based on television shows are tricky and even if it’s a good film there’s a risk of trying to catch that lightning again and ending up with Sex and the City 2. (A film which frankly I enjoyed, but probably didn’t need to happen.

Now for the part that sort of has reviewers debating, the plot. For anyone who knew anything about the filming of the movie and who know’s anything about the original show there are probably a few things you already knew, the ending would be happy though funny and silly, and the problem overblown all along. Anyone who know’s the show and expects some deep plot the likes of some psychological thriller, obviously doesn’t know the show very well. Of course it isn’t a deep plot, but that isn’t the point. It’s a classic, it’s funny, and it’s fabulous. I laughed, a lot, and as many have rightfully pointed out, that’s exactly what we need in these most uncertain times.

On a scale of Bewitched to Sex and the City in regards to how good the film adaptation of the television series was, I’d have to say it was close to Sex and the City status… and I’d like to pretend the Bewitched movie didn’t happen.

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