And the Nominees Are

day7This years Emmy’s are shaping up to be pretty major for queer culture, Jeffrey Tambor once again up for an Emmy for best actor in a comedy for Transparent. Lily Tomlin up for an Emmy for Grace and Frankie, and of course for me most excitingly RuPaul finally getting the nomination he has so long deserved for Outstanding Host for Reality/Reality Competition (to say nothing of a ton of other queer themed shows actors and characters who were nominated).

The Emmy nomination has been seen by most as long over do, and one can’t help but wonder whatever took the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences so long to figure out Drag Race is a huge thing? It’s been eight seasons, (9 if you count All Stars) and 112(?) episodes now, and the show has been steadily exploding in popularity roughly since season 4, really hitting critical mass by season 6 (which it’s curious why in season 7 they decided to move Untucked to YouTube, but that’s a whole other rant).

The other question I can’t help but wonder is what was it about this season in particular that really caught the Academy’s attention?

I didn’t necessarily hate season 7 as much as it seems pretty much everyone collectively decided they did. Admittedly the season had more than a few sour notes, and after 4, 5, 6 and All Stars it was likely the show needed the kick in the pants to prepare it for the brilliance that was season  8. Or is it just that season 7 was so bad anything would look good in comparison? It’s hard to say.

Either way, I’m thrilled for All Stars 2, and this nomination couldn’t be more well deserved, and I hope Ru get’s it, but she’s certainly in good queer company alongside Jane Lynch and Tim Gunn in the same category. As mama Ru would say, “May the best woman, win!” and also… “Don’t fuck it up!” She’s certainly had enough award show parody’s on Drag Race. 

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