Dual Creators

I have a friend who is currently working on a story with both her best friend and her READbrother. It’s brilliant from what I’ve read, but when she explained their writing process it was all I could do not to scream. The characters are delegated out to each author, and so when say my friend is writing a conversation with another character who’s author is say someone else, she then has not only to wait for the author’s response, but also to deal with the response if it’s not what she was hoping for.

There’s something about the idea of writing a story with someone else that has always sort of fascinated me, and horrified me. I’m notoriously a control freak and I’m so used to, what essentially amounts to talking to myself so when people don’t respond the way I anticipate them to, it can be frustrating. If I was writing with someone else and my character asked their character a question, and their character didn’t answer the way I thought they ought to, all hell would break loose.

There’s a certain amount of god complex I think that’s required to write anything, you have to want to be in control of everyone or else why would you be a writer? It’s not necessarily something we intend to do, but it fills a need, and since you can’t make real people do what you say and respond how you think they ought too (which in real life would actually be super boring and annoying, I think), you create worlds in which you are in charge. You are the creator, and your word is law, sharing that throne with someone else would I think be rather difficult.

It’s curious though, because I’ve always considered my characters to be sort of real people, more often than not, I don’t quite know what they’re going to say until they say it, and a lot of my feelings and control freak-ness kind of contradicts that idea, obviously if the characters are their own people it shouldn’t matter who’s writing them. The problem is, they’re their own people who are born of my mind and my experiences, and therefore, probably not the same people that would be imagined by another author.

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