Learning to Love the Process: Design Edition

mon_MonBack when I was still in design school I hated having to do sketches for my designs. It seemed pointless when it was far easier to simply mock something up in InDesign really fast. Even if I needed to create several versions, it’s often a lot easier to simply do them in InDesign/Illustrator (a program I’m learning to love more as time goes on) than having to actually sketch things out by hand. Perhaps this was due in large part to the teacher who seemed to be forcing sketching on me the most, who happened to be a teacher I actively loathed, and who I was fairly certain loathed me back. I had once gotten into a full blown argument with the man over another student’s artwork which he had derided as childish, when this person was already working in the industry with her designs. 

Fast-forward two years out of college and I’m finally starting to enjoy doing sketches, mostly because unlike when I was in college and had computers with the programs I needed and/or my laptop with me at all times, being an working adult (who isn’t working in the field she studied and graduated in), means that I don’t always have access to the programs I need to do design work nor do I have access to my laptop. So if I get an idea for something I want to work on design wise, or something I want to tweak, I pretty much have no choice but to sketch it out.

I suppose it doesn’t hurt that I’m doing the sketches for me now, because want to, and for design projects that I specifically wish to work on, not because they are a requirement to pass a course, but because I see some sort of value in their creation.

2 thoughts on “Learning to Love the Process: Design Edition

    • Hi Anne, do you mean on my header for my blog? I belong to a website called Creative Market that offers weekly freebies, and I believe the water color speech bubbles were one of the freebies a while back, and I just feel in love. If you mean the Miscellaneous Monday graphic, that geometric pattern is actually I want to say from the same place. Hope that was helpful. 🙂


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