Never Silenced

As I look at the subject of what I had planned for today’s post, the bomb that went off in a days_Tuesdaywomen’s bathroom at a Target not a few days before the events in Orlando, I believe that now more than ever it is imperative that we not allow ourselves to be silenced. As much progress as our community has made, as far as we have come with gaining marriage equality, events like this one show that our fight is not nearly over.

That this continues to be a struggle, and not just for the LGBTQIA community but for all minority communities who are often forgotten in the jumble, is unacceptable.

We have a great problem in this country, and no matter how many articles are written about it, that isn’t how this problem gets solved. It is only through action, it is only through Congress working together (for a change) to actually make a difference that this will ever be fixed. In the meantime, we must continue to stand tall and proud, we must demand action, equality, and we must never allow ourselves to be silenced.

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