About Last Night

Once more, we find ourselves faced with a story of tragic, senseless violence, that has shocked the nation and the world. This is not a new phenomenon, in fact it seems more common now than in years past, but really the hate that lead to the attack in Orlando is nothing new. And yet in spite of that we as a nation, and more over we as a community, remain resilient in our insistence that we must continue to be ourselves. We must continue to be out loud and proud even in the face of those who would wish to tear us down.

There’s a lot of things that must be done to ensure that something like this never happens again, but in the immediate aftermath, what we must do more than anything, is recognize and embrace the love we have in our lives. Because it is the only defense we truly have, against what’s happened. We must continue to remember those lost, and offer our hearts and condolences to their families. This endless cycle of tragedy cannot continue.

We must fix the broken system that has allowed acts like this to continuously happen. No one should have to live in fear, anywhere. That so many people do in America and around the world simply for who they are is unacceptable.

This cannot stand.

Love cannot be allowed to be silenced by hate.

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