Outlines: A Necessary Evil

This week while working on edits for my current work in progress, I had a sudden strange thought that, if enacted would essentially annihilate the central plot that runs through the series. It was a frustrating thought, but perhaps a necessary one, if only because it got me thinking about my books in an entirely new light. Because much of my energy has been focused for the last several years solely on the first book, there’s sort of been this looming question of whether or not the plot can even hold up for as many books as I planned to write, or even beyond that, what happens in between the major plot points and the beginning and the end of the novel.days_wed

Outlining for me has long been the bane of my existence, but if there is one thing I know as an absolute and unquestionable certainty, it is that if I have any hope of actually writing the series in it’s entirety I’m going to need to outline a few things. If for no other reason than to make sure I don’t lose my timeline of things.

I have a good idea of where things are going over all and I think I have a good grasp of plot points generally, but its filling in the gaps that’s going to prove tricky. For now however, I’m focusing all of my energies to finishing the edits for this work in progress, (I think I’m on like chapter 13 of 21) or so, so that’s the most important part for now.

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