Bathroom Backfire

Author’s Note: This will be the last time I’ll be discussing this issue.


One has to wonder, what it says about the state of our nation, that a law days_Tuesdaythat was supposed to “protect women from men in bathrooms”, has now allowed actual men, as self appointed bathroom police to drag women out of bathrooms because they feel they don’t belong there, thus creating the very problem you claimed to be protecting people from. So not only have you actually not protected anyone, you’ve now endangered even more people than just trans people, because now cis women who don’t fit into the narrow definition of what a woman should look like, including one woman who had a short haircut because she had donated her hair to charity but was still accosted in a bathroom for ‘appearing trans’.

How did we even get to this point?

It’s curious, and I think worth mentioning that the reality is, trans people have been using bathrooms for years without question or incident so that this has suddenly become an issue for people, as trans visibility and acceptance is on the rise, is sort of strange. We take one step forward and states rights offer two steps back. Which is an entirely different debate entirely, but it does beg the question, what are these states trying to deter our attention from? It’s obviously something because where someone is going to the bathroom is the most illogical argument I’ve heard in quite some time. That we’re even giving that much thought to who is in the bathroom with us, rather than simply going to the bathroom then leaving is already astounding.

In my experience, and perhaps this is just me, I like to go, then go. I will, on occasion, reapply my lipstick or fix my hair, but I barely want to say hi to people in there. I will, to be polite, but this sudden new wave trans bathroom panic is both out of control and tiresome. Frankly I’m getting tired of hearing and or talking about it. But since North Carolina insists on doubling down on their crazy, I can’t help but be grateful that the DOJ is having absolutely none of it. Because it’s unconstitutional, and for a political group that claims to be all about the constitution, (at least when it comes to their guns), they’re willing to fight tooth and nail any progress that attempts to come their way. This is hardly new for North Carolina, and as in times past, they’ll have to accept the inevitable hand of equality sooner or later, let’s just hope we don’t end up in a new Civil War (and not the Captain America movie) before that happens.

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