Power of Writing Time

Over the last few years I’ve found deadline’s to be both helpful and a hindrance, depending on whether or not I’m actually able to meet said deadline. For instance, when I was able to finish a draft of my novel before midnight on New Years, I saw it as a great deadline that I was able to meet, helpful. When I wanted my edits to be done before April first… hindrance. For one reason or another, some deadlines seem to be harder to reach than others. Generally speaking, any deadline related to edits are going to be the most difficult to meet at least for me. But there is something to be said for creating a plan for yourself that is perhaps less deadline and more a plan of attack.  days_wed

For example, this week, starting with Sunday, I set out a plan to work on one chapter per day, and more importantly spend a set hour working on it. This way it isn’t just spending a whole day working on a chapter in which nothing actually gets done. It’s definitely a trick I’ll be bringing into my normal writing routine when I’m able to get back to that and even one I think I’ll be bringing into my blogging routine. Rather than just saying, I’m going to spend Sunday writing any given blog post, I’ll just spend an hour on Sunday working on blog posts for the week, if I happen to get all of them written, great, if not, well there’s always the next day. As long as I’m ahead of myself for the week that is.

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