America’s Next Drag Superstar Is…

days_TuesdayAfter what seemed like an impossibly short season, just 10 episodes in total, including the reunion/crowning  the winner has been announced and if you don’t like spoilers I suggest you not read on…


The winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race…


America’s Next Drag Superstar Is…



Bob the Drag Queen was my pick from the get-go, there’s something about her humor and style that I really loved and she always seemed to do really well in all the challenges a fact that annoyed both her fellow Queen’s and some of the fans as well. As did, apparently, her confidence. What exactly is wrong with a queen with confidence anyway?

Ru is definitely notoriously unpredictable and this season was anyone’s game, I knew either way I wouldn’t be mad about who won. This top three is a pretty great one and while the season went by way too fast for my liking (maybe they’re gonna bring All Stars 2 up early?) I’m thrilled that for only the second time in herstory the queen that I wanted to win took home the crown. (The last time was Bianca).


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