#MakeupMonday Mini MAC Haul


I_transp‘m not really a makeup blogger so my haul isn’t going to be as major as some of theirs are, but I did just buy a few new goodies online from MAC including the Caitlyn Jenner ‘Finally Free’ although I wrote about that a few Mondays ago. However I thought I’d showcase a little look at two lip colors I purchased and talk a little bit about a new foundation I picked up.


I’m a huge fan of MAC’s Pro-Longwear Foundation, there’s something about crème based foundations that I’ve always found particularly amazing, and there’s something in particular about the Pro-Longwear line that I just really love, that said, as someone who is more than occasionally self conscious (even as I am doing Laser Hair Removal) of the shadow on my upper lip, I felt that a full coverage crème foundation would be just the ticket to covering it up.

One of the things that I love about the Pro-Longwear foundation is that it glides onto my skin and matches my skin tone perfectly. One of the things I hate… I go through it crazy fast! I generally have to buy a new one about every two weeks. Which seems crazy, to me. The good and the bad of the full coverage foundation seems to be that it’s much thicker so it goes a bit further than it’s pro-longwear sheer counterpart, which means it seems to cover more with less (so in theory I won’t go through it as fast). The downside is, when I use my beauty blender to apply  it (or knockoff that is) and I know I’m not quite using it right because I’m dragging it across my skin (rather than dabbing it), and it’s a little rough at times. (I wouldn’t actually need to do this if I took more time with my makeup routine but who wants to get up like 40 minutes early if they don’t have to? I can do my face in 10 minutes).


I’ve been looking at MAC’s Velvetease Lip Pencils for some time now, and so when I finally decided to pick one up it was between ‘Just add Romance’ (which can we not with these names?) and ‘Temper Tantrum’ now there were a few reasons why that was the obvious choice, but also because I had just picked up Brooke Candy for MAC in a brilliant red called Mind Control, so it seemed like, do I really need another red? I probably should have gotten a nude color, but I like this orangey coral just the same.

I also purchased Mind Control by Brooke Candy for MAC, which is one of the few non-matte colors I have of any lipstick. The only other one that I can think of off hand is Finally Free, by Caitlyn Jenner for MAC. Mind Control is a brilliantly sickening bright red that looks absolutely divine with just about everything. I’m generally a huge fan of red lipstick but this one is quickly becoming a particular favorite, even if not a matte.

2 thoughts on “#MakeupMonday Mini MAC Haul

    • Thank you! I meant to take pictures but I’m clearly so great at this… lol. I’ll probably do some Instagram pictures later and then just add them in. 🙂

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