We Interrupt this Program…

No matter how long you’ve been writing, it seems like there’s always somedays_wed interruption waiting just around the corner, pretty much as soon as you start trying to work seriously. The interruptions seem innocent enough. An email here and there, a text message from a friend you just have to get back to, the dog starts whining so you know it’s time to take him for a walk, or you realize you’re starving. Eventually the seemingly innocent interruption that will only take a few minutes, becomes a reminder of the laundry you still haven’t finished, the dishes that you really need to get to, and before you know it, it’s midnight, and you’ve written nothing because things just kept getting in the way, so, you can always do it in the morning when you’re more rested. Thus the cycle continues.

This week has seen a similar experience for me, last Friday, while editing, I became so exhausted that I read the same sentence at least 3 times and I still couldn’t seem to glean any information from it, I decided that I needed sleep, and that I could do it the next day. Of course, on Saturday, I had other plans that took precedence, and because I didn’t sleep much, I was even more exhausted on Sunday, so once I got home from work I ended up sleeping through that afternoon which brought me to Monday, in which, I was working diligently enough, until I decided that I absolutely needed to create a landscape design print of a location in my book to help me visualize it better, which ended up eating about two hours, and then there was Tuesday in which I spent the better part of the afternoon working on blogpost graphic updates, until 10, then spent the next half hour trying to work on blog stuff. All the while knowing… I should really be editing right about now.

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