Edits, Rewrites, and Internal Screaming

days3 copyThere’s nothing like reading your own writing to make you look at your computer screen like… (see gif several paces below)

Yeah, it’s kind of a writer thing. This is not to say that there isn’t a part of me that doesn’t love my writing, but it always criesseems to be around the editing process that I begin to hate life and the process that I’ve started. There’s a part of me, that feels I should try the whole edit as I go along thing. But then I remember that I’ve been down this path before and I remember that not much came of it, not to mention it’s kind of too late for that at this point. Everything is written and now it’s time for the line by line editing that for whatever reason has always frustrated me. It’s worth mentioning by the way that it isn’t necessarily major writing issues either, it’s more often than not just sentences that upon further reflection irk me.

Stylistic choices that likely no one would notice and yet I notice them and I cannot possibly continue on until they are fixed. Which is perhaps why I often find myself editing other people’s books while I read them. Because their style irks me. This is not to say that I don’t find bigger issues, things that don’t make sense, scenes that are a little flat, paragraphs and ideas that need a little extra TLC, somehow those are less frustrating than the random sentence I wrote that makes no kind of sense because clearly I wrote it while half asleep one night at like 3 am. Ah the joys of editing.

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