Anywhere But Here

days3 copyWhen I was younger, I could write pretty much wherever I was. Which usually meant writing at school as that was where I was the majority of the time. My ability to write any time, anywhere, no matter how loud anybody was, was a skill set I came to rely on. I should preface this by saying that however many times I have tried over the years I have never been able to write anything in any kind of Starbucks I’ve ever been in, including ones that are actually a part of a larger Barnes and Noble. I’m not sure what it is.

The older I have gotten however, the harder it is for me to write anywhere, at any time. Even music which was once so inspirational to me while I wrote has become a nuisance. I need almost absolute silence or at least music without words, or songs that I know so well I can simply tune them out. Or the sounds of a heavy rainfall with thunder.

There are still times, I can come up with ideas when my brain is otherwise occupied with other things, the problem is, when I stop doing whatever it was I was doing in order to actually write something down, it never quite sounds as good as it did in my head, and that can be incredibly frustrating.

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