One Last Thing…

days3 copyYesterday I made a post I never imagined I would make and discussed a very painful memory from my past, but as I might have known would happen, I found some comfort in sharing my story, even if only for myself.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, I started, oddly enough with a terrifying story inspired by my love for the tv show CSI. The original, which was set in Las Vegas and premiered shortly after my family arrived in Vegas, we were all instantly hooked. Since then writing stories where there is rarely a happy ending to be found, has sort of been my thing. There are a lot of scenarios I can and have written, but there was one thing that I could never write, nor read. It’s the reason I could barely get through the first few pages of the Lovely Bones, it’s why certain scenes in certain movies can almost certainly give me a panic attack, and a topic I rarely discuss.

So why was I so candid about this topic yesterday?

Because I am angry, and I am devastated. And I feel my voice and my story might be the only way I can get rid of this hurt and devastation and anger. Because my voice is my power, and my writing is my voice, and I realized this was something I could not be silent about any longer. I wrote because I knew that choosing to be silent is choosing the side of the oppressor and what good is silence anyway?

I wrote because I am tired of seeing a very real and very dark and traumatic scenario be used as a tactic to scare others into agreeing with them. This isn’t some fake scenario where something could possibly in theory happen, because the reality is people are sexually assaulted every day.

The fact that people think they’re going to ‘protect’ women/children from this by banning trans people from the women’s restroom, is astounding. This isn’t how you protect anyone. Stirring up fear and violence does nothing to protect and only serves to make the world more dangerous for everyone. What’s worse is we’re less concerned for the safety of children when it comes to gun violence which is a very real and measurable thing, than we are the possibility that a trans person in a bathroom might somehow traumatize them.

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