Computer or Longhand?

days5 copyIt’s the great author question of our time, when it comes to writing which do you prefer. Handwriting or typing it up on the computer? There’s really no right or wrong answer, frankly which is better depends on the author. Personally I enjoy both.

Organizationally speaking (an area I have a great deal of trouble with I confess), the computer has made it a lot easier for me to keep all of my thoughts in one place and arguably sometimes I feel like my writing is better when I write on the computer versus when I write by hand. (Another of my many adorable–depending on who you ask–writer quirks). Believe it or not I also find that the type of computer I write on makes a difference.CC copy

For instance the writing I do on my own laptop flows for me more than the writing I would do on someone else’s laptop. As a general rule when something isn’t working on the computer moving the chapter to a notebook and writing it by hand makes a great deal of difference and vice-versa. Another great thing about writing by hand is that it actually gives you an opportunity to edit your work before the main edits. More often than not things that I write by hand will change when I type them up.

As always I turn to you my lovely readers. Which do you prefer? Writing on the computer or writing by hand?

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