The Books That Pull You Through

days4 copyOver my vacation I stopped into a thrift store in Southern California called Out of the Closet, which was featured in several episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race (arguably one of my favorite reality shows). The store happened to be right down the street from the hotel my mother and I were staying at in Long Beach and we decided we absolutely had to pop in. The clothes were actually pretty cute (though I didn’t find much in my size) but the real treasure was practically mint condition audiobooks for the second, third, and fourth Harry Potter books, which were like $6 and $8! Naturally we snatched up two and four without a second thought, and we started listening to the audiobooks in the car. We had purchased the Deathly Hallows audiobook the year it had come out because we were going to be going to California that night and my mother who to this day has never read any of the books, wanted to at least hear the latest one while I read along with the book at hand. So to be listening to this book, all these years later, in California no less, was wonderfully comforting.

This trip proved enlightening on several fronts, but one thing I realized was how much I had missed the stories, and how much hearing them again really inspired me to want to get back to my own writing.

For me, the Harry Potter series had come to me, at not the altogether greatest time in my life, and yet, it continued to make me feel great again and again. It was my escape into another world and as I have always said it was the reason I started writing to begin with, what I remembered through these audiobooks is that at our toughest moments sometimes all we need is a good book to make us feel something like normal again, and if I could ever be that for someone else, that would be a dream come true.

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