Hello Deadline My Old Friend

days3 copyAnother month down, and here we are again. I knew given everything it was a long shot. I’d offer an excuse for why I didn’t hit my deadline, but to be honest, I haven’t got one. I could say that March was just crazy, and I’ve been trying to get used to a new routine, but that doesn’t really feel sufficient.

The truth is, sometimes things don’t work out the way you plan them, so in a way I’m not all that surprised. I’m still working on getting things finished to be sure. And I’m excited to see where things go, I’m really excited, as I often am in the beginning, to be working on the line edits where I get to go line by line and really just eviscerate the novel with my red pen. That’s usually the fun part, the not so fun part is then having to go back and take everything out in the computer and rewrite the new things you have in there.

This is an easy enough problem to solve by simply editing in the computer in the first place, but a lot of times it just isn’t the same. For reasons I will never fully understand, line edits done in red pen are just better than the ones done  directly into the computer. That isn’t to say that I haven’t edited whole chapters in the computer and skipped the printed page, but more often than not I like to start with a print out and work my way back to digital.  I should note I’m not quite at the line edit stage yet, but I am excited for that part when it comes.

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