Down the Rabbit Plot Hole

days3 copyNavigating your plot is often like trying to navigate through a maze. Left or right? One action, or another, the reasons for your character choosing a certain path over a different one are generally what makes the plot the plot. If a character is given choice A and choice B, their decision to take choice B is part of the plot. What they do and don’t do and why is what makes a story a story. However, when a character choses B, but you can’t really justify (or sufficiently answer the question as to why they chose B over A) you encounter the dreaded, plot hole.

There are multiple ways to encounter a plot hole, essentially though all plot holes share a common problem, they’re a detriment to your story.CC copy

As my work-in-progress has now moved from the official first writing stage, into my first round of edits, I’ve been preparing copious amounts of notes and thoughts for things that are going to need to be changed, adjusted or completely taken out, and already looking back I’ve hit sort of a snag. Without giving too much away, (this is a rewrite of a previous story) and in my decision to alter what seemed like a pretty minor detail in a way that I hoped would make the story more dynamic, I’ve accidentally created an Alice in Wonderland sized plot hole.

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