Post Coming Out World?

days2 copyIt’s weird to think about a time where we won’t have to ‘come out’ as gay, lesbian, bi, or transgender, but it seems that some people might think we’ve already reached that point. Being gay or even bi might be more socially acceptable than it has ever been at any time in American history but that is not to suggest that we live in a time where coming out is no longer necessary, or even for some still wildly dangerous. We have proven time and time again that even today, there are those among us who are not ready to accept the future.

As an author, I’ve sort of avoided writing dramatic coming out stories because as interesting as they may be, there is more to gay people than coming out. There is more to the story than teenagers being kicked out, or tearful acceptance from parents who knew all along but were just waiting for their son/daughter to tell them. This isn’t to say these are not very real circumstances. By any means, but its important we show characters in such a way that readers can see that there is more to the story. It doesn’t just end at coming out, you don’t just come out and live happily ever after, or come out and live some tragic life. We need all kinds of LGBT characters from all different backgrounds living all different scenarios, that allow for every kind of story one could imagine.

This is not to say I’m against the idea of a coming out story, it’s important in it’s way, but it should be a minor detail in the story. A blip on the radar of a characters life, as it is in real life. To dedicate an entire novel to it, seems to make it far more dramatic than it really is.

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