Writing as a Career Choice

days copyLet’s face it. Being a writer isn’t for everyone, and like many art fields, it’s not even a viable career choice for most people because there isn’t necessarily great money in it. Let’s face it, art is an unappreciated necessity. I say necessity because imagine what life would be like without art? Without paintings or music or even literature? How much different would our lives be? Sure most people could care less about literature, and maybe even paintings but what about music? It’s just as much of an art form, and whether we realize it or not, it’s also a form of writing. It’s a form of self expression that people have used for centuries to convey feelings or emotions or even stories.

But for those of you like me, who know in their heart of hearts that writing is really all you CC copycould see yourself doing (or really any form of art) you have to go for it. Most people will tell you that if you love what you’re doing you’ll never work a day in your life. It’s kind of an accepted fact, however these same people will probably tell you that if you don’t make money, it’s not really a job. Here’s an example.

I’ve been writing since I was about twelve or thirteen. Or for an even number since 2003. Technically since 2003, I have been without a job, because I’ve never been paid for my work and I don’t have to log hours, I don’t have a boss breathing down my neck or anyone to answer to except myself (which can be just as bad, cause I am demanding as hell of myself) most would argue that I’ve never worked a day in my life. In fact, some members of my family are constantly harping on me for not having a job. To them I can only say… try writing a novel. Or ten, for that matter. And then come talk to me. I may not get paid for what I do (yet) but it is work. Granted I love every second of it, so it doesn’t always feel like it, but trust me, it’s work. It’s draining, and demanding, and I’m usually up all hours of the night working on it. It haunts my dreams and every second I’m awake, and especially recently there is almost not a second of my time that isn’t spent working on it on some level.

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