What I Know For Sure: The Past and the Future Edition

days5 copyThroughout all of this the one thing that has always remained constant in every part of my life has been my writing. Writing requires a certain amount of introspection at times, and during the early days of my transition this introspection was critical in helping me figure out who I was. It was writing that helped me realize that I could say I was trans and be okay with that no matter how scared I was. It’s writing that has helped me get through the darker moments of my life and even though it felt impossible to do during my depression (when I actually wanted to or could), writing was still there in the back of my mind as something I was trying to keep doing. Keep writing, keep working. Never stop. Because writing and books are the reason I am who I am today. It’s the one constant in my life I’ve always been able to count on.

I still can’t predict the future, whatever else my Pagan-ness might suggest, future reading is not my strong suit. Which is just as well, there’s a good reason we don’t know the future, it’s sort of terrifying to think of what we would do to change it if we did, and how we might screw something up that we didn’t see. We are who we are because of events that occurred in our lives, and these events will also make us who we are in the future.

The truth is, there’s not a great deal I can say I know for sure, not in absolute certainty, but I do know that I love to create stories, universes, and characters. I love writing, I love being able to tell a story. And I’d love to do it forever, and that I know for sure.

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